Medical checks have already begun in England to unblock the traffic jam, which will last several days

Medical checks have already begun in England to unblock the traffic jam, which will last several days

The deputy of the Popular Party in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has asked the Commissioner for Transport of the European Union for urgent measures to prevent a repeat of the blockade of truckers due to measures against the coronavirus. The PP Spokesperson wants to prevent the measures taken by some countries to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from causing the blockade of thousands of carriers, as has happened in recent hours on the border with the United Kingdom.

In an urgent question addressed to the European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Valean, the popular spokesperson is interested in the measures that the European Commission intends to take so that this situation can be repeated. She also questions how the movement of goods in the EU will be guaranteed and if a coordination plan is being prepared with the member countries to avoid new blockades and proposes the granting of economic aid to those affected to alleviate the losses generated by this situation.

“Protecting health and stopping the spread of the virus is a priority for everyone, but this cannot mean abandoning carriers on the road without being able to cover their basic needs related to food, rest and hygiene” , assured Montserrat, who has also warned that “concentrating drivers in poor conditions is not protecting health or preventing the spread of the virus.” “Transport companies and their drivers have been key during the pandemic to ensure that there were no shortages, and thanks to their work, millions of Europeans have been able to continue with our lives in the worst moments of confinement,” the popular spokesperson recalled.

On the other hand, according to sources from the Spanish carriers, rail, air and sea services between Britain and France have resumed this morning, but all people traveling must show that they have previously tested for a negative coronavirus test. , made within the previous 72 hours. The protocol agreed with the French government will be reviewed on December 31, but could be in force until January 6. Likewise, all carriers, regardless of their nationality, will require a lateral flow test, which detects the new variant of covid-19 and provides results in approximately 30 minutes, instead of the 24 hours required to obtain the results of a test. PCR.

To facilitate the departure of hauliers, a mass testing program for all HGV drivers has been launched, which will alleviate the current congestion, although it is recommended that you do not travel to Kent until further notice while this program is launched.

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