So far this year, 3,670 ‘zero emission’ cars have been registered in a ‘tactical’ way, 137% more

So far this year, 3,670 ‘zero emission’ cars have been registered in a ‘tactical’ way, 137% more

The so-called ‘tactical’ registrations of electric vehicles have multiplied by eight in the month of December because this year all manufacturers are required to have the average emissions of their models sold in the European Union below 95 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) for each kilometer traveled if they want to avoid paying multi-million dollar fines.

According to data from the consulting firm MSI to which Europa Press has had access, so far in December 509 electric cars have been self-registered in Spain, 734% more than in the same period of 2019. In addition, since January they have been registered automatically. ‘tactical’ up to 3,670 ‘zero emission’ vehicles, 137.5% more than in the same period last year.

This increase is explained because, as can be seen from the agreement reached by the Twenty-eight in Brussels, automobile producers have up to three years to adapt to the new emission regulations known as CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Emissions).

Thus, in the 2020-2022 period, a car that pollutes less than 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer will be counted as two sales in the first year, as 1.67 vehicles in the second and as 1.33 cars in the third. It will not be counted as a single vehicle until 2023.

Among other figures, self-registrations of diesel micro-hybrid vehicles fell by 5.67% so far this year, with 1,482 units. On the other hand, those of gasoline microhybrid cars increased by 261.72%, with 4,460 units.

To date, the ‘tactical’ registrations of diesel plug-in hybrids have multiplied by five, with 281 units, while those of gasoline plug-in hybrids have tripled, with 3,558 units.

In total, 91,189 vehicles have been self-registered in Spain since January, 37.75% less, although a large increase in electrified models can be seen, while the ‘tactical’ registrations of diesel and gasoline fell by 33.9% and 51%, respectively, with 29,579 units and 42,721 vehicles.

Only so far in the month of December, self-registrations of all types of propulsion have increased by 34%, with 6,523 units, of which 509 units were electric models, 734% more, while the ‘tactical’ registrations of hybrids diesel plug-in cars rose by 13,100%, with 132 units, and gasoline plug-in cars increased by 724%, with 445 cars.

Industry sources have stressed to Europa Press that this week, during the last working days of the year, it is expected that there will still be a greater rise in self-registrations.

Likewise, from the Federation of Associations of Automotive Dealers (Faconauto) they have assured Europa Press that during the year some manufacturers have transferred compliance with the CAFE regulations to their dealers.

For this reason, the distribution centers have been forced to self-register thousands of electric cars that, in his opinion, have no outlet on the market, “especially in this context of crisis.”

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