The mobile “app” that thus reaches the PC will allow you to select any object within an image independently and will show where to buy it

The mobile “app” that thus reaches the PC will allow you to select any object within an image independently and will show where to buy it

You will be able to select any object in an image to obtain results of

Forget depending on the results shopping they offer text searches on Google to find where to buy what you want. Or what Amazon or any other online store can show you. Google Lens comes to the desktop version of the browser Chrome and that completely changes the way you find the products you want.

The event Search On that Google carried out a few days ago showed many new features about how searches are going to evolve and perhaps that is why one of great importance for Chrome users on computers did not stand out so much. Google is going to integrate the Google Lens app with the desktop version of its Chrome browser. And that is great news.

What does it mean to have Google Lens in Chrome for PC?

Google Lens is a apps visual recognition available for Android and iOs and launched in 2017. Its operation is simple. With a mobile, you can focus on any object around you and the application identifies it to return results of shopping and information about it. This application is already integrated with Chrome and Photos on mobile, but the version of the browser for PC will allow greater refinement in its use.

On a desktop or laptop the option will appear as part of the contextual menu displayed when doing right mouse click. Not only when you do it on an image but also on text. Lens can identify people, text, animals, math equations, landmarks, products, and more.

But in Chrome for computers you can do something that is not possible on a mobile phone, such as select, within an image, the object that is of your interest by simply dragging the mouse over it. It can be the sofa that you see behind someone, the clothes that a famous person is wearing, the car that is next to the protagonist of the image… And by doing so, Chrome will show a selection of purchase results and information in the same tab. Do you see someone on the Internet with something you like? You can immediately find out what it is and buy it if you want and if you can.

The feature is available in Chrome and Photos in their mobile versions, but is less intuitive and does not allow selecting specific elements of an image but Lens scans it completely to identify everything in it. It is less intuitive and to access this function you need to hold a long press on the image.

Change in buying habits

If there is something difficult in this life, it is to change people’s habits, but Lens has the potential to do so. It is no longer a question of doing a search or entering an online store to see what shoes there are, but of being able to immediately access your purchase as soon as you see one that you like anywhere on the Internet.

A paradigm shift that will undoubtedly affect the way the commercial giants of the Internet work and reach customers. Extend the purchase impulse to everything you see on the Internet and makes the consumer more proactive than he was until now.

This novelty is complemented by others that also affect mobile phones and have been announced at the Search On event. Relying on artificial intelligence and automatic learning (Machine Learning), which they are implementing in their browser with the system MUM (acronym for Multitask Unified Model or Multitask Unified Model), the search possibilities are expanded with the options “refine this search”, “expand this search” and the possibility of asking questions about the results of an image search.

For example, you can identify a shirt you like with Lens and then ask for a different garment but with the same pattern (design), which Google will then show you so you don’t take long to shell out your wallet.

This is how Google Lens and the new search features help you find what you want.
This is how Google Lens and the new search features help you find what you want.PHOTO: The ReasonCourtesy of Google

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