Elia’s tavern: perfectly matured old beef

Temple of carnivores where they exist. Yes, today we are in one of the best steakhouses in Spain. The person in charge is Catalín Lupu, Cata for friends. When asked how he manages to achieve the perfect point of each cut, the cook laughs, because he does not find any of his secret trade. He only cares about serving the best product, which he selects and treats with the utmost respect, in a space where the room team is attentive. He suggests several types of chops: olive sanuki wagyu, black angus, of course, blonde and Galician beef, and German simmental. We opted for the latter, although it is true that each one brings different nuances. Before making each cut on the grill to embroider it, he first tempers the piece, a detail as important as having a good ember. There is no exact science, what goes. For this reason, in the maturation process, each one requires a certain number of days and it is he who matures them in a chamber where he keeps them until they reach the right point of flavor and texture: «A simmental can take up to 80 days. The key is that the bigger the animal, the better. For example, in wagyu and black angus we look for elegance, simplicity and good flavour”, explains Cata, who recommends the pepper salad with tuna belly, grilled black pudding and broken free-range eggs with French fries and Iberian ham. Ask about the selection of wines by the glass.

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