Madrid Fusión 2019, one of the most important events in world gastronomy


Madrid Fusión is, above all –congress, summit, fair…–, one of the most important events in the Spanish and international gastronomic market. This year, under the motto “Reformulating cuisine: the rules change”, the most prestigious chefs and restaurants in the world undertake a search for the origins of food to guide them down new paths.

With this philosophy, professionals from all countries will carry out a great exchange of ideas these days, trying to find a personal stamp that makes their dishes stand out.

A kitchen full of personality: Jhosef Arias

Perhaps the words of chef Jhosef Arias define this edition of Madrid Fusión: “I am very clear that we must master and elaborate the essential recipes, that of our grandmothers. Then the rest will come.” Jhosef Cristopher Arias Salinas is Peruvian. Although he has lived in Madrid for years, he is dedicated to the project of a kitchen full of personality that offers the flavor of Peru in all its facets.

Connoisseur of all the techniques of Peruvian cuisine, Jhosef Arias, is one of those selected by Promperú and Marca Perú for the representation in Madrid Fusion of gastronomy and image of the country. His presence at the Peruvian stand on Monday, January 28 will pay tribute in the preparation of a tapas tasting to the cross-cultural influences that have enriched Peruvian cuisine.

Thus, this chef will delight visitors with chifas –Chinese and Peruvian fusion– and Nikkeis –Japanese and Peruvian– dishes inspired by the menu of his Capón restaurant, with traditional Peruvian preparations from his flagship Piscomar, and with the delicious Creole mixture – Spanish and Peruvian– with hints of the street flavor of Callao24.

The importance of show cooking

One of the activities that characterize Madrid Fusión are its culinary demonstrations known as cooking shows. In them, the chef not only cooks, but explains step by step, discovers, reveals… He narrates a story through his hands. It is a show in which gastronomy communicates by getting its message to the largest number of people possible.

With an almost infinite number of flavors, traditions and ingredients, the Peru stand offers several cooking shows these days. The first of them will be in charge of Jhosef Arias. The chef has great experience in these demonstrations, since in Piscomar he has a gastronomic space that he uses for it: BoldKitchen. The experience of watching professionals who are passionate about their work cook, of understanding new concepts, of living food as a social act… All this is part of the objective of show cooking, a trend that has been on the rise for years.

Madrid Fusión is a marriage of dreams

To define exactly what Madrid Fusión is, one would have to use the words tradition, innovation, learning, teaching, experiences, emotions… and with all of them make a pairing in which gastronomy matches the dreams of those who attend. And to do so, no one better than the chefs of Madrid Fusión 2019.

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