Video-chat with Josep Trabado, CEO of Endesa X


Video-chat with Josep Trabado, CEO of Endesa X


The electric car is becoming a reality on our streets, in public car parks, in single-family or independent homes, and also in collective garages. The habit of arriving home, parking the vehicle and leaving it plugged in is something similar to what we already do with the mobile phone so as not to run out of battery. There are currently two types of plug-in cars. First, there are the plug-in hybrids, cars that combine a gasoline engine with an electric one. In one hundred percent electric mode, they have a range that ranges between 45 and 65 kilometers, that is, they can cover the average journey of the European driver, which is estimated at 40 kilometers per day. Those who own a car of this class and already have a recharging point installed at home state that it takes many weeks to go through a gas station since on a day-to-day basis they “run” with the electric motor and the energy obtained at night.

The other class of vehicle is one hundred percent electric. Any of those that exist on the market offers 200 kilometers of autonomy, which is more than enough distance to travel around the city or make intercity trips with total confidence. Therefore, having a charging point at home is essential. Josep Trabado, CEO of Endesa X, shows what the future will be like in the coming years.

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